Defense FlashlightBuying a defense flashlight should be a relatively easy choice to make. Whether you ever get in a self defense situation or not, you are always going to need a flashlight in some capacity or another. A pepper spray canister can sit, unused for life but, you will find some use for your flashlight. There are several things that you should consider when buying one, especially if you are going to count on it as some type of weapon.

Obviously, a flashlight is just a blunt force weapon that emits light. That being said, it should be very clear that the body must be durable and hard enough to exert great force against an assailant without breaking from that force. It should also emit a beam which is bright enough, not only to see in the dark but to be used to blind a possible attacker long enough for you to either make your escape or to summon assistance. Because a brighter beam typically uses more energy, using a rechargeable rather than a traditional battery light may be more cost effective and may even allow for a brighter light overall.

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There are some that are sold that have other features which may include designs that make them harder or may allow them to inflict more damage while others may have sirens or alarms. There are others that may come with options like pepper spray as well, but there is often some serious trade offs for these.

Size should be a consideration. While there are some that are quite large, they are also unwieldy and not very useful in situations such as walking in a parking lot or anything else outside of the home. For most people, the choice is one that will fit in their pocket or their purse with ease. Even a smaller version can be a good, blunt force weapon, especially if it is swung at certain areas of the body. Even these smaller types can have very powerful, brightness that can be used to blind a would be attacker.

To be effective, it has to be charged, so always check before you leave for the evening. Always check that yours is not going to end up being accidentally turned on inside of your pocket or purse which can leave you stranded in the dark with a dead, defense flashlight, just when you need it to be at its brightest.

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